tools, examples and experiments

  you need the Shockwave - PlugIn to watch the experiments.

Sinephants are 3-dimensional, moving creatures, that you can create and play with.
(shockwave 348 k)


A set of Lingo tools that offer modifying the view and models by drag-and-drop actions in any shockwave3D-world.

Jigsaw Creator

With this engine you can create a jigsaw puzzle design with unregular, natural shapes.
(shockwave 60 k)

Block Playground

Great physical environment to play with! For Stephen Lewis, Lab A Dab A Do, Trevor Day School.
(shockwave 616 k, and growing)

Jigsaw Puzzle

Puzzle with some self made photographs.
(shockwave 88 k + material)

3D pagecurl

Based on the technique of Twister II, this movie demonstrates a 3d pagecurl.
(shockwave 188 k)

Twister II

Score-based mesh manipulation. Click on "examples" to get a quick idea.
(shockwave 218 k)

IL widgets

Sliders, Buttons and Wheels drawn with Imaging Lingo.


Viewing one box from different cameras at the same time. Source included.
(shockwave 4 k)


Another 3D box. Source included.
(shockwave 4 k)


A small (and slow) movie I did once at 5 o'clock in the night, when I could not sleep. Source included.
(shockwave 20 k)

Twister Shockwave 3D example with mesh manipulation.
(shockwave 68 k)
Curtain Faked Softbody. Animated Mesh powered by Havok.
by Alex and ullala
(shockwave 36 k)
3D-Constructor Shockwave 3D example with the greatest technology: Havok.
Inspired by sodaconstructor.
(shockwave 16 k)
LetterLand My first example with the great Shockwave 3D technology from Macromedia and Intel.
(shockwave 396 k)
question I absolutely like that: THE DESIGNER is sending me a finished programmed application, and... Done by Ulf.
(shockwave 20 k)
quads The sprite property "quad" is a great thing: each corner point can get its own position.
(shockwave 10 k)
the spirals Little similiar to Screensavers some Spirals built up on your Screen, but you can change the settings ... and you can create many different Spiral-Pictures. (Watch some snapshots.)
This Browser-Version has some technical limitations.
(shockwave 31 k)
footsteps ... the simple stuff is sometimes the best ...
(Shockwave version: 7 k - Flash version: 2 k)
Midi into Director My experiences about how to get MIDI-messages from external MIDI-devices into Director on PC.
Basics for Movement Basics for letting sprites dancing on the screen.
(Theory, german only)