for Director MX 2004
version: beta 1

What is it?

The w3dToolbar is a set of Lingo tools that offer modifying the view (camera transform) and model transforms by drag-and-drop actions in any shockwave3D-world.
The w3dToolbar provides multiple selection of models, and an one- step Undo function.

Please note that all modifications, that you do with the help of the w3dToolbar, are just temporary and will not be saved with the w3d file when saving the Director movie.

The authoring Miaw-version of the w3dToolbar can be installed into the Xtras folder of Director to have the w3DToolbar available for any w3d project.

The w3dToolbar is also planned to be available for implementing into any project, either running in an own Miaw, or running as a bitmap sprite next to the w3dSprite, or running as overlay in your 3d world, while you can use your own icons and edit the layout. Alternatively you can also leave the palette away and just use the 3d behavior, and have your own buttons that tell the 3d behavior to switch the tools.

alternative layout example

What does it cost?
The w3dToolbar is donationware for non-commercial projects. For using in commercial projects please contact me.


Authoring Miaw-version:
How does it work?

While the w3dToolbar is switched on it checks whether your mouse rolls-over a w3d sprite on the stage. As soon as it touches a w3d sprite and your movie is running, the toolbar inserst a behavior onto the scriptinstanceList of that sprite. When the mouse leaves the w3d sprite or the movie stops, it removes the behavior from the sprite again.

While the behavior is temporary installed, you also see the w3dToolbar palette in the w3d world itself as overlay.

Added note (21.6.2006):
To make the w3dToolbar working, your movie must play. Additionally either any behavior must exist in the current frame, or a flash sprite, otherwise it is not possible to check whether the movie is playing or not.


How do the tools work?
Please take a look at the tools documentation.

Does it change my w3d world?
Temporary yes. The w3dToolbar creates "bounding boxes" to visualize which models are selected, it creates "axis" to offer axis-related modifications, and it uses overlays to diplay guides or the palette itself.

The names of all 3d objects (textures, shaders, modelResources, models, cameras and groups), that the w3dToolbar creates temporary, start with the fixed, reserved string "w3dToolbar_".
All overlays are displayed in an own camera, that is added to the sprite-cameras array (and removed afterwards).

"bounding box" for selected model

Download and test.
Download w3dToolbar.zip (64k)


  • Quit Director
  • Copy the file "w3dToolbar.dcr" into the Xtras folder of Director
  • Launch Director
  • From the Xtras menu, choose "w3dToolbar"

This is a beta-version and not yet tested extensively, so please save your work before using the w3dToolbar!

Please let me know in case of any bugs, problems and questions.