my friends and other links



jumptomorrow Design agency in Vienna.
The agency that got me back to Vienna.

Nofrontiere Multimedia agency in Vienna.
The place where I was working for nearly 6 years.

Stefan Great Lingo-Programmer, who also was at Nofro for a while.
It's nice to meet him once in a while and to check what we have done in the meantime.

Mark Lycette Mark and me worked together for 2 years at Nofrontiere.
He is again living in Australia, making good design and mulimedia things together with his brother...

Roland Hille "Doctor Rollo" showed me the Macintosh. And it changed my life!
Roland is a graphic designer and also doing alot of 3D artwork (SciFi, biomechanical creatures, architecture).

Andrea Steinfl although I don´t have any link...

Tommy sweet Tommy



The Arduino platform gives me the possibility to break out of the computer, doing interactive things that happen in the real world.


I am really, really adicted to the Mac ;-)

Unity 3D

Cool software for 3D.


Without Director I would have had very boring life...
Meanwhile I do not launch Director very often anymore, but it however did play a center part in my life.


Basic on the Mac... it´s beautiful!
So what do I need a PC for?



One day I had to start a blog about the music I am listening to and the concerts I am joining.
But it's german, sorry.


I have a very special relation to Midi (Musical Instrument Digital Interface), because it was the first way for me to understand what Bits and Bytes are...


My first favorite bands were Pink Floyd, David Bowie and The Doors.
Today I prefer harder music, but some softy sounds are welcome as well...



CaesarIII is absolutely my topmost favorite game!
I wish I would have programmed it...


Its great, but I need alot of time for playing...