on IamAbigLingoFan

  puppetSprite MySelf, TRUE -- I am slowly getting crazy...

  set WeatherList = [#sun:"yellow",#rain:"grey",#snow:"white",#night:"black"]
  set the foreColor of sprite MySelf = getProp(WeatherList, the weather)
  -- I become interactive !

  repeat while ThereIsAfu*kingBug() = TRUE

    -- here are the basic enviroment rules for concentration
    set DontRememberYouAreHungry() = TRUE -- active
    -- forget the real world
    set the volume of the Hifi = 11  -- I dont wanna hear the telephone anymore

    set ThisSpeed = the speed of MyMAC
    set NewSpeed = thisSpeed * 2
    set the speed of myMAC = newSpeed
    set the speed of myBrain down to newSpeed -- I am too clever and too fast

    -- let´s start to work
    set ProblemValue = count(the problemList)
    set interestValue = the problemsComplexity
    set FunValue = iLoveMyTricks()

    SearchForTheFu*kingBug(ProblemValue, interestValue, FunValue)

    if getDisturbed() = TRUE and HeDoesntGiveUp > 5 then
      set TheLookOnMyFace = "angry"
      set myVolume to 6
      put "WHAT ?"
      set myVolume to 2
      myAnswer = "yes."
    end if

    if IsTheBugDead() = FALSE then
      if myTimer = "2AM" then
        put "think about going home"
      else if myTimer = "3AM" then
      else if myTimer = "5AM" then
        put "you should sleep some hours..." & RETURN
        put "...this week"
      end if
      set myVolume = 7
      MakeAbigScream("I am great")  -- !!!
      SeeTheCredits() -- thats for YOU!
      exit repeat
    end if

  end repeat

  go to the frame  -- forEver and ever
  -- I can´t stop it anymore

end IamAbigLingoFan

-- *********************************** --

on seeTheCredits
  puppetSprite YourSprite, TRUE
  set the moveableSprite of sprite YourSprite = TRUE -- play with me!

  set NewRect = the backgroundRect - myRect
  set the constraint of sprite YourSprite = NewRect -- but dont touch me...

  if youHaveFoundMyEasterEgg() = TRUE then
    put "Dear MacroMediaWizards, ¬
    I have alot of problems with this new Director5. ¬
    there are alot ofBugs and newChanges I dontUnderstandWhy...
    please FIXtheBugs!
    and hurryUp with a new small Update.
    I love my Mac
    I love Director
    You guys are great
    thx alot
    ullala  =:-)   "
  end if

Feedback to Macromedia about Director 5, ullala 1996