The Video

Ladies and gentlemen,
we are proud to present the video about our interactive lightflowers!
go to VIDEO

created by Ulla and Franz Gassner
music by Linnea Olsson – (
filmed and produced by Dieter Gusenbauer, Eldar Siradjov, Peter Maler – (

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my first PCB

Wohooo! I’ve created my first PCB’s!

The story: The main goal is a new flower, a modification of the Seedtree, one that could bloom in each ones livingroom. For such a goal I had to stop doing all the soldering on a blank plate – I need professional PCBs.
I’ve done the layout with Fritzing. Although the software is a little bit buggy, for me the layout work was increadible fascinating.
Then I sent the exported files to Seeed Studio (China). They produced the PCBs for a real good price. Two weeks later the postman stood in front of my door and had the final boards in his hands. Now I’ve soldered the basic parts (I’ve desined the board to be able adding a lot of features later), placed the Atmega processor, communicated with it successfully, placed the first LED-driver, and see the first LED lightning.
Everything worked without problems. Wohooo!

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Making Of

I’ve selected a few images for a short description of the lightflowers’s Making Of. You can see some material and mechanical views as well as the use of hardware, which is based on the Arduino technology. You’ll see a lot of RGB-LEDs, TLC5940 LED drivers, sharp distance sensors, and so on.

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The Videoshooting happened! A looong night of beauty actions :-)

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10 years RIH

The flowers took part at a big ceremony in Palais Liechtenstein in Vienna, where a big number of important economy and press VIPs were invited. It was the 10th anniversary of Ringholding AG, it was the first time that the lightflowers were presented outdoor, and it was a beautiful party!

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Exhibition Cafe 7Stern

The first public presentation. The number of visitors was not yet overwhelming, but therefor the feedback was especially great. Divers requests to buy some flowers do influence the thoughts for next developements.
And besides we did a lot of video shooting.

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Video meeting

The video-team around my brother was visiting for a brainstorming about the planned video shooting of the flowers.

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