EuroPrix 1998, Mediatecture and Video

The EuroPrix98 took place at the Technical Museum in Vienna, Austria, on the 29th of November 1998.
It was the first official prize for European multimedia productions, a joint initiative of the European commision, the Austrian Federal Ministry for Economic Affairs, and the City of Vienna.

The two companies Nofrontiere (Vienna) and Chips at Work (Bonn) played a key role in this event. Both companies were responsible for the multimedia elements as well as for the sound environment of this live event.
All video material for the TV transmission of the EuroPrix98 was created by Nofrontiere.

Large-scale projections were shown on the outside wall of the Technical Museum and inside the newly renovated building.
The "Digital Marketplace" offerede innovative digital presentation platforms with integrated video conferencing techniques by Chips at Work.
Specially designed kiosksystems provided information on all nominees and winners troughout the evening.

see more at: Europrix98 Website

Programmers View

My role in this event was a very small one...
Instead of using expensive hardware to display different but synchronized videos inside the Museum, we connected some normal PCs together, and displayed normal but absolutely great QuickTime-movies (from Etienne !!!) by Video-Beamers.
What I did was a simply Director-programmed synchronisation between the computers. Nothing else.

All the more it was an amazing impression to watch the hudge movies in this beautiful big rooms!